If I was born in _ and died in _, how old was I when I died?

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Life is tragic and similar to the sun rising and setting every single day, we are born we will be facing death one day as well. It's called the cycle of life. A person might be interested to know about the age of any individual during the time of his or her death at times. Hence to solve this purpose, you just need two pieces of information to feed into the calculator. First, the year when that person was born, and second, the year that person died.

Such a calculation uses a simple mechanism of subtracting one value from the other value to generate the resulting age. The formula goes as below:

However, for a simpler and quicker calculation purpose, this calculator is designed for your assistance. Lock in the blank fields of the calculator with the information with you and click over the button "Calculate Age at death". Such a simple and easy process will result in the desired output age in just a couple of seconds.

Note: The final result that you get is a calculation based on a general method and the result is the exact data. You can also get the desired result in several other limits as well as per the requirement.

Calculate the age in years of someone who was born in _and died in _