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What generation am I into?

The word Generation originates from Science that specifies how far an individual has been descended. In other ways, a generation simply relates to a family tree with generations growing up as the tree flows downwards from the top. Several countries have their own culture, hence their ways to classify the generations. One might be familiar with this classification based upon the age criteria set by many clubs for getting a beer, getting a driving license, or parents allowing you to stay overnight at your friend's house.

As per the year of your born and your age, the generation you belong can be classified into several categories (Baby/toddlers, School going, Teenagers, Soldiers, Adults, Etc...). These categories are also most prominently known as Millennial, generation X & Z, baby boomers, and the silent ones. Our Age calculator specifies the generation you are into with the present age you are in.

Alternatively for your reference, below is a brief detailed description of generations as per the scholars around the globe.

For instance, if you wish to know how old you will be in the year 2052 if you are born in the year 2005, then this tool can be helpful for you to get your age in that case. All you need to feed is your Date of Birth and the future Year date to the calculator in DD/MM/YYYY format. Of course, this seems an easy task to do, however here is a quick step by step guide for your assistance

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